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Monday, 19 March 2012

Review of possible payments methods for foreign buyers


Most of our payment methods are intended to be used inside Russia and closest to Russia countries, you could find it in Russian section of the internet site.

For our foreign buyers we offer following 2 way of payments via international payment systems.

1. Payment in USD through international PayPal system (+3%)

For registered PayPal users. After confirming you order you will be automatically re-directed to the internet-site of PayPal payment system where you could pay immediatelly. As option you could pay later during those 3 days when your order will be reserved for you. The payment should be performed in USD currency, please use the currencies selector at the left panel to switch to USD price indication.

The PayPal payment should be remited to following PayPal user account:

Seller's e-mail registered in Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Due some operation expenses in this payment system we add 3% to the order total value.


2. Payment in USD through international Payoneer system (+3,75%)

payoneerSecure payment for any users with USA or international credit cards by international payment system www.payoneer.com.
It is no need to be a pre-registered user of payoneer.com to make the secure payment.

Instruction for payment: Please go to https://load.payoneer.com/LoadToPage.aspx select "By Payoner Card Number" and in the field "Enter full Payoneer card number (16 digits)" enter 5314455003460595. In the field "Amount to load" please enter corresponding payment value in USD showed in your order (incl. 3,75% of operation fee). In the field "Reason for loading" field please enter the corresponding number and date of your order, f.e. "For Smartsprouter order Nr. XXXXX from XX.XX.2012". Please select the corresponding option "Cardholder pays the fee", as the  payment's system fee 3,75% was already calculated in your order shoved value, and proceed with your payment. Your order will be treated automaticaly and ordered quantity of Smartsprouter will be sent to your adress that you showed by ordering by parcel by Russian Post service.

Due some operation expenses in this payment system we add 3,75% to the order total value.