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Monday, 19 March 2012

Smartsprouter® consists of only 4 parts as shown on the picture below. There is no need to store any of them apart when opting between sprouter modes - all of them are fixed on the sprouter and always at hand.

Smartsprouter construction

  1. Outer can
  2. Internal transparent can with volume marks and bottom ventilating mesh
  3. Sealed flat cap with rubber anti-slip insert and silicon sealing 
  4. Meshed cap with ventilating holes 

Internal can is placed inside outer can. There are special fins to keep it there in central position. Both sealed and meshed caps could be screwed both sides of the outer can – they are fully compatible one with one another and could be changed places when needed.

Opting between sprouter modes you should be careful to select exact cap on top of the outer can:

  • Meshed cap on top: germination or storage of the sprouts in a refrigerator;
  • Sealed flat cap on top: traveling mode.

Germination/Storage mode with meshed cap on top

Germination/Storage mode with meshed cap on the top

In germination mode a mashed cap with holes is placed on top which allows sufficient air flow to travel from the top of the can directly to the bottom where soaked seeds are placed. These holes are specially designed to provide enough air flow for quick germination, yet not making the seeds too dry. Remember to use the same cap when ready sprouts are kept in refrigerator, because even there the sprouts continue to grow (not that intensive though) and require fresh air flow. Please note that during this mode you do not have to put the flat sealed cap away and store it somewhere else, simply fix it on the bottom of your sprouter  – this will not only make it hard losing it, but it will also protect your sprouter from accidental overturn if placed on the slippery surfaces.

Traveling  mode with sealed flat cap on top

Transporting mode with sealed flat cap on the top

Traveling mode allows you to take the sprouter with you anywhere you go, even with water inside. Whenever you feel the need to take the sprouter with you and there is still water inside simply switch caps' places  – the sealed flat caps containing silicon sealing inside will turn your  sprouter into convenient leak-proof container for your daily portion of sprouts. With sealed flat cap fixed on top you can safely put your sprouter into a bag and take it with you to work or while traveling. Just remember to put mashed cap onto the bottom side of the sprouter and you will not have to spend time searching for it later. Once you arrive the destination point simply change the caps – and your Smartsprouter will continue preparing your daily portion of the healthy food. Simple and quick!