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Monday, 19 March 2012

 4. Delivery and transition of the property right to the Goods.

4.1. The delivery territory on an advance payment is not limited by limits of the Russian Federation and includes all countries of the world in which the parcel with the Goods could be sent by post of Russia. 

4.2. The territory of delivery by a cash on delivery (COD, in case applicable) is limited by limits of the Russian Federation and following countries of the near abroad: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Moldova.

4.3. The seller undertakes to observe the agreed periods of delivery specified on the Site. The seller does not bear responsibility for possible delays in delivery in view of the unforeseen circumstances which have occurred not by Seller's fault and which could not be foreseen.

4.4. Shipment of the Goods from a warehouse of the Seller is carried out in time from 2 about 3 days after payment or acknowledgement reception and the order coordination.

4.5. The period of delivery of the goods from a warehouse of the Seller to the address specified by the Client corresponds to internal regulations of external delivery courier services about delivery terms.

4.6. Delivery cost is calculated is fixed depending on a site of the addressee and is specified on the Site for first 4 pieces of the Goods, at the goods order in quantity more than 4 pcs delivery cost pays off separately and should be co-ordinated before order payment by phone or e-mail.

4.7. On delivery the goods delivery is not paid by express service, if on delivery you refuse the goods for following reasons: the Goods mismatch data of your order by quantity; or the Goods have external damages.

4.8. Delivery is paid, if you refuse the goods not because of the Seller (if causes of a failure are not connected with discrepancy of quantity of the goods ordered or with presence of external lacks).

4.9. In more details about delivery look section “Kinds of Delivery ”.

4.10. The property right to the Goods at express courier delivery passes to the Client at the moment of acceptance of the Goods from the representative of express courier service under condition of payment by the Client of the Goods and signing deliveries' documents.

4.11. At shipment of the Goods the Seller gives all complete set of the documents provided by the legislation of Russian Federation.