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Monday, 19 March 2012

Proudly present Smartsprouter® – probably the most convenient mobile individual sprouter device for sprouting of seeds, beans and nuts

Created by a person for whom daily portion of fresh sprouts became an essential part of life. Having considered the existing experience of different methods and constructions for sprouting, Smartsprouter® is designed in the finest details giving most comfortable experience when using for those people who have chosen healthy food and have active lifestyle with frequent traveling, staying considerable time at work or elsewhere outside.

Construction features

Sprouting seeds, beans, grain & nuts is an unique natural food that fills us with health, invigorates and gives us live natural energy of germinating world. Thanks to Smartsprouter® you can now quickly and easily get your daily portion of fresh sprouts for 1-2 persons. Well-thought design in the finest details allows you to germinate seeds even faster and easier than old traditional way of growing sprouts with jars and lids.Specially designed size, shape and position of meshes on meshed cap and perforated internal can together with outer can form sufficient air-flow circulation. Combined with naturally produced heat it creates ideal conditions for the process of germination and helps to retain constant ventilation along with proper moisture level. These key factors allow more seeds to be grown; the sprouts remain fresh without getting spoiled with excess of water.

4 simple steps:

The way of using

    • Besides the sprouter itself, you won't be needing any additional measuring cups or utensils. Rinsing, soaking and sprouting – all done with one sprouter, all necessary parts are included;
    • Don't care of the storage place anymore: all parts are always in one place - on the sprouter – making it handy every time you need it;
    • You just need to rearrange the top and bottoms caps to convert the sprouter to mobile waterproof travel container, that you could put to bag safely and take with you to work or for traveling even with water inside;
    • With back-rearranging the top and bottoms caps you turn your sprouter again back to germination mode or sprouts’direct storage in refrigerator without using any other additional containers or vessels.


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