For which kind of seeds and sprouts is SMARTSPROUTER?

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Monday, 19 March 2012

There are "sprouts" and "sprouts" :-) – different people understand different things under the same word. The main purpose of Smartsprouter - to get quickly and convenient (even on the way) the sprouts in their initial phase of seed's germination, when it only starts to sprout and keeps the maximal life power inside – 1-3 days, not more.

It is only the phase of "awakening" of seed, when it changes it internal content and just starts to sprout some millimeters.  It is not designed to get "green leaves" sprouts with leaves – actually "green leaves" sprouts are more already a plant then a germinated seed, and to grow a seed to "green leaves" phase you will need sun light and much more space and need adding water, so need different construction of sprouter that are plenty on the market.

Please also notice that Smartsprouter could be useful the most effective with seeds of normal size as wheat of buckwheat. Too small seeds as alfalfa or broccoli could drop down through the bottom holes of the internal can and will build too dense mass that prevents a good ventilation. So, this small sizes seeds it is better to sprout till "green" phase (till first green leaves) with plenty of sun light and water in other kind of sprouters. For them Smartsprouter will not pass, it is just not designed for this kind of sprouts, and without sunlight the result will not good, so for the people who prefers "green leaves" sprouts in its next phase of growing  it is better to consider a big electric transparent stationary indoor sprouter with water supply or something else.