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Monday, 19 March 2012

Smartsprouter for seeds, beans, grains and nuts

990-00 руб

In individual cardbordbox, with manual in English/Russian/German/French/Italian/Ukrainian language.

Color: olive-green/yellow. The price is indicated for 1pc, all taxes included.

  • Packing size: 95x95x205mm
  • Volume: 0,57l (20fl oz.)
  • Net weight: 285g
  • Gross weight: 400g

Material: food grade plastic ABS and PS, silicon rubber. For cold food only. All materials are tested as BPA-free (see test reports)

Manufactured in China at: “Sinoart Household Products Co. Ltd.” by exclusive order of ROCGAS Ltd., Russian Federation.

The lifetime of the article is 10 years from purchasing.

The warranty period for the article is set as 3 months from the purchasing.